BTS’s Jungkook Missed SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu As An MC, But Mingyu Left Him A Special Gift

Mingyu knew Jungkook would miss him and was prepared.

During an interview on SBS‘s Inkigayo, Jungkook could be seen looking from side to side.

Then, he asked where his friend SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu was.

Mingyu is usually an MC for Inkigayo, so Jungkook expected him to be there. But, SEVENTEEN has been holding concerts in Japan.

The MC told Jungkook that even though Mingyu couldn’t be there, he had left him a special gift. The gift had been a poem, and Jungkook thanked Mingyu with a happy smile.

Jungkook and Mingyu are part of the ’97 line and have always been close friends. So, it’s awesome to see that their friendship is still going strong.

To watch Jungkook searching high and low for Mingyu, watch it here.