BTS’s Jungkook Once Cried To Stop J-Hope From Leaving The Group

BTS isn’t BTS unless there’s 7!

Although BTS is known to be one of the most successful idols of all time, they’ve gone through their share of ups and downs. In a past episode of Burn the Stage, a BTS documentary, J-Hope revealed that he once left the group before debuting when things weren’t working out.


They mentioned that Jungkook even showed tears trying to beg him to stay, but J-Hope had his mind set and eventually left the group.


RM took on his role as leader and did everything he could to bring J-Hope back. He talked with Big Hit Entertainment and expressed the importance of J-Hope in the group.


Luckily, Big Hit and the members were able to convince J-Hope to come back.


In the episode, J-Hope explains that it was because he believed in the members and that they would be OK if they stayed together.


RM added, “I can’t imagine what we would be without him.”


Thank goodness all of their efforts have been rewarded as they are now the most influential boy band in the world!