BTS’s Jungkook Was Once Hilariously Exposed By His Fellow Members For Being Cheap

The hyungs just love spoiling their maknae.

The BTS members are insanely successful, but that doesn’t mean that they like blowing money, especially Jungkook. On an episode of the New Yang Nam Show, the members reveal the insane amount of money their meals cost.

When asked about who spends the most, Suga just reveals the member that spends the least, which is their maknae.

Jungkook doesn’t agree with Suga’s statement and wants to share his side of this statement.

When Jungkook graduated, everyone went to eat. Jungkook decided to pay for this meal, as it was his graduation.

Jungkook shocks the cast of the show once he reveals how much he spent on that meal.

Suga doesn’t back down from his statement, as he shares some more details about Jungkook’s tendencies. Jungkook doesn’t even consider paying, as he just hilariously assumes that his hyungs will pay for him.

Jin also shares a story on how Jungkook borrowed some money from him but repaid uniquely.

Here is the full video below!