BTS’s Jungkook Once Revealed One Of His Life Concerns…And Kang Ho Dong Had The Most Heartwarming Response

Jungkook feels as if he’s constantly wearing a mask.

BTS‘s Jungkook debuted at an early age and had to mature rather quickly due to it.

Jungkook opened up to Kang Ho Dong a little bit and shared one of the concerns in his life. Jungkook reveals that he doesn’t feel that he’s being sincere when he interacts with people.

Jungkook feels as if he’s wearing a mask when interacting with people, and that he’s constantly worrying about wanting to make other people like him. Jungkook feels that he’s not being himself when he does this.

Kang Ho Dong is very understanding and understands that Jungkook could have these concerns because he debuted at such an early age. Kang Ho Dong compares the situation to his wrestling days and how he needed different techniques based on different opponents. Kang Ho Dong feels that different personalities are needed for different people and that Jungkook is doing the right thing.

All these different personalities are what make Jungkook special and that it’s a good thing that Jungkook is so open-minded.

Kang Ho Dong even compares Jungkook to a flower and how flowers change depending on the season, but they are still flowers in the end. Jungkook might change his personality based on the person, but he’s still being himself.

The two end their conversation with a positive embrace.

Here is the full video below!