BTS’s Jungkook Has The Power To Hear ARMYs No Matter How Far Away They Are

ARMYs can spot Jungkook from far away too!

On April 5, Big Hit Entertainment posted a new BANGTANTV through Twitter and revealed behind-the-scenes footage from BTS‘s 2019 MMA performance.

This 22 minute video showed all the behind-the-scenes of the show from the hair and makeup to the group and solo rehearsals and recordings.

Fans could get a closer look at how hard they worked in order to perfect their performances.

Oldest member Jin could also be seen supporting the younger members like the amazing hyung that he is.

Even our dancing king J-Hope worried about if the show would turn out ok and that fans would enjoy it.

The video also showed them on the red carpet before officially starting the awards ceremony.

The boys took home all the grand prizes that night making it a day they would never forget!

During their exit from the red carpet, the video caught Jungkook talking to himself about him hearing the ARMYs from somewhere afar. RM, who was behind him, couldn’t help but laugh at Jungkook’s cuteness.

Fans also couldn’t help but squeal at JK’s cuteness!

Our golden maknae Jungkook has so much love for ARMYs and it’s just too precious!