BTS’s Jungkook Is Being Praised For His Strong Dance Skills

People are loving his dance skills.

BTS‘s Jungkook is mostly known as the group’s main vocalist, sometimes people forget that he’s also the group’s lead dancer! GIFs of Jungkook dancing has been circulating amongst netizens and people are impressed with his superb dance skills.

People are saying that they can really feel the energy from his dance and are shocked with how fast his feet and the rest of his body move. Fans are saying that he is truly talented. ARMYs are saying though he dances intensely, his lines are stil neat and beautiful.

Jungkook is known as the center of the group as he is usually in the middle during performances. People are saying that he was born to be the center in an idol group and that he looks comfortable being in the center.

ARMYs and netizens alike are saying that Jungkook is truly talented and that he was born to be an idol. People are saying that they can truly feel his energy when he dances and that some even thought he was the group’s main dancer!

He is really talented. That’s why he is our golden maknae.

– Korean Netizen


Source: TheQoo