BTS’s Jungkook Reveals The Special Meaning Behind His Earpieces

Even the tiniest details can be significant.

Jungkook puts his golden heart into everything he does — and wears.

Many of BTS‘s stage outfits and accessories are chosen by stylists, but the members love to personalize their things with meaningful details. For instance, they chose these individual colors for their microphones.

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BTS have switched up their earpieces several times over the years, but in 2019 fans noticed something interesting about Jungkook’s.

These SoundCat earpieces feature the BTS logo on a white background. Half the shield is blue and the other half is red. At the time, fans speculated that this could be Jungkook’s way of saying “I purple you”.

It turns out, they were right! In a clip from BTS’s Memories of 2019 DVD, Jungkook told Jimin the meaning behind his custom earpieces.

When Jimin asked if Jungkook had chosen the colors on purpose, he confirmed it. “Of course, I did,” he replied proudly.

He never misses an opportunity to let ARMY know how much they are loved!