BTS’s Jungkook Sang “Seesaw” And A Duet With Him And Suga Would Be Magical

Maybe for the next BTS Festa?

BTS‘s Suga was performing his solo track “Seesaw” while Jungkook was backstage getting his makeup touched up.

And, that’s when something amazing happened. With his in-ear piece, Jungkook could hear Suga’s performance. So, he sang along with it.

That wasn’t all though. He added his own harmony to the song, taking it to a whole other level.

It gave a glimpse of how the song would sound if there was a version featuring the both of them, and it was something quite a few people were interested in.


Let’s be honest. The vocals of Jungkook and Suga in one song alone would be amazing. Would you be interested in seeing this duo?