BTS’s Jungkook’s Latest Twitter Post Broke The Internet — And His Own Records At The Same Time

Find out how long it took for Jungkook to reach 1 million views on his latest video here. (Hint: less than an hour!)

Superstar boy group BTS is no stranger when it comes to breaking records and setting new achievements that are yet to be beaten.

Just this week, the group has been given the “Favorite Music Group” award at 2020 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, adding this one to their 100+ awards and counting.

The group is an amazing record-breaking machine on its own, but what about its members?

Take BTS’s Jungkook, for example.

Just yesterday, their maknae Jungkook smashed existing Twitter records simply by posting a tweet of his song cover. To be specific, Jungkook posted a cover of Lauv‘s song, “Never Not” on BTS’s official Twitter account…

…and ARMYs immediately got to work.

In just ten minutes, Jungkook’s video amassed one million views in total.

As such, Jungkook now holds the record for the fastest tweet to reach more than one million views in just 10 minutes.

But ARMYs didn’t just stop there. They continued showing support for the video, until it reached four million views in just one hour!

Needless to say, the whole ARMY community worldwide is celebrating Jungkook’s amazing accomplishment once again. Here are some of the new records he’d established:

Perhaps the only one who can break Jungkook’s record is…Jungkook alone?

Because of this, ARMYs are speculating that once Jungkook actually posts his mix-tape sample in the future, he may break the Internet once again.

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