Fans Are Upset After Finding Out BTS’s Manager Drove His Girlfriend Around In Their Van

Things like this are totally unacceptable.

An online community board garnered much attention as the story of how someone who got into Big Hit Entertainment drove his girlfriend around in BTS’s van came to light.

The online user revealed that they started following two non-celebrity people on Instagram and saw that the male user got a job at Big Hit.

I started following these two people (one female and one male) on Instagram because I thought they looked like good people who did a lot of activities. I later found out that these two people were close with one another. Last year, the girl posted an Instagram story of the boy as they congratulated him for getting a job at Big Hit Entertainment. The man also proudly posted about his new job on his page as well.

Photos and Instagram stories of them riding in BTS’s van were also posted, showing that they were using BTS’s van for personal use.

A bit later the girl posted another story that showed the inside of BTS’s van with the caption “Woah~ this is the van that BTS rides in.” I noticed that this wasn’t a one-time thing and that they had ridden in the van quite a few times before. I’ve taken screen shots of some of the times she posted about it. I’m worried as I don’t think they should be allowing people to ride in celebrities cars without them knowing.

“Congrats #BTSagency #IGotIn”

“This is a celebrity’s van.”


These were also photos posted by the manager and his girlfriend when they went with BTS to New York for the New Year’s Eve event.

Fans were shocked at the managers’ actions and hoped that Big Hit would take care of this problem as soon as possible.

It was also reported that the manager did not just let his girlfriend ride in it but also his other friends as well. They didn’t just ride it for a little bit but actually drove the van to go watch movies and hang out too.