BTS’s Manager Taking Care Of Suga Is Reminding Everyone Why He’s The Best Ever

He’s like a proud, caring dad.

During the Billboard Music Awards, fans noticed BTS‘s manager Se Jin doing something unexpectedly thoughtful.

Suga had confetti sprinkled all over his hair. After removing confetti from his own hair, Se Jin tried to remove it from Suga’s before he stood up.

His quick thinking showed just how much he cared about Suga that he’d instinctively moved to do it. And, it has everyone remembering that he’s been with them since the very beginning. Like the time he was spotted accompanying Jungkook from school.

Or when he made sure V was comfortable and even held his hand when he wasn’t feeling well.

Now look at him happily cheering for BTS’s award win. He’s been by their sides every step of the way, and it was as important to him as it was to them.

His kind actions toward BTS prove he’s truly one of the best managers ever. If you want a glimpse of their close relationship, you can watch Se Jin trying to remove the confetti here.