BTS’s Music Is So Addictive That Concert Staff Had To Bust Out Their Dance Moves

No one is immune to BTS’s appeal.

During the May 5 tour date of Love Yourself: Speak Yourself, BTS had all sorts of surprises prepared for amazing performances and special stages.

Those performances were so amazing that the concert staff couldn’t help but be just as amazed as ARMY and showed their enthusiasm in a particular way.

This vendor was at the concert to sell pizza but he was so into BTS’s “Not Today” that he had to stop and bust out his energetic dance moves.

He wasn’t the only vendor to do so either. These churro vendors couldn’t fight the urge to move along to BTS’s music as well.

Even the concert security was hyped listening to BTS, and that was before they’d even hit the stage. But, “MIC Drop” definitely has that effect on people.

BTS has been gaining love all over the world and concert staff aren’t immune to their appeal. Who do you think had the best moves?