BTS’s Past Tweet About Sia Proves That Dreams Do Come True

Dreams really do come true!

After the release of BTS‘s tracklist, fans noticed that their title track “ON” had another version featuring Sia on the list. Fans recalled BTS’s love and respect for Sia through a Tweet they posted back in 2014.

The Tweet from June 9, 2014 reads, “Sia – Chandelier.. Must watch the music video. I think I got goosebumps about 3,000 times while watching this. Please rank #1 on Billboard.”

Who knew that 6 years later, Sia herself would be Tweeting out their tracklist as they prepare for their comeback!

This digital-only version of “ON,” featuring Sia came about after BTS reached out to Sia to work together for their new album.

Fans are excited for the album to release as it seems like BTS has also collaborated with a bunch of other great artists too!

Who’s ready for February 21? We most definitely are!