BTS’s Passport Photos From 2017 Has ARMYs In Tears From Laughing

They’re too funny not to laugh.

Fans have somehow managed to get their hands on BTS‘s passport photos from 2017, and they’re having a field day.

Taken only four years ago, here’s how they looked, hairstyles and all.

ARMYs found the photos so hilarious that they had to crack jokes like pointing out that Jungkook sported the typical Justin Bieber swooped haircut.

Or, Suga resembling the character Sakamoto from anime Sakamoto Desu Ga? with his hair parted and slicked to the sides.

And that Jin looked exactly like the dog from the popular meme with his grown-out hairstyle.

They even joked that Jimin looked like he was taking a mugshot rather than a passport photo.

Mostly, fans couldn’t hold back their laughter at how different the boys looked.


Even idols like BTS can’t manage to take perfect photos for things like passports just like everyone else, and fans love it.