BTS’s Performance With Halsey Highlighted As A Must-See Moment For The BBMAs

“I don’t know what’s more must-see than that”

BTS has had some great memories at the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs).

In 2018, the boy band took home the award for Top Social Artist for the second year in a row. They also met top artists like Taylor Swift, Pharrell, and John Legend.

This year’s edition of the BBMAs promises to be no different, according to Mark Bracco.

Mark Bracco  is the executive Vice-President for Programming and Development for Dick Clark Productions. He has helped to oversee “extravaganzas” like the Academy Awards, the Country Music Association Awards, the American Music Awards, and for the third year in a row, the BBMAs.

In a short and simple article, Mark Bracco highlighted BTS’s performance with Halsey as the must-see moment of the BBMAs.

At a time when audiences are getting more fractured, it’s our job to create individual moments that make people say, ‘I have to tune in.’ We always put something big at the top of the 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock hour, when people are channel-surfing. We’re going to be the only place where BTS and Halsey are performing together. I don’t know what’s more must-see than that.

— Mark Bracco, Billboard

We couldn’t agree more, Mark!

BTS is set to perform at the BBMAs with Halsey, and are nominated for two awards–Best Social Artist, and Best Group. The BBMAs will be airing live from Las Vegas on May 1.

Source: Billboard (1) and (2)


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