Fans Couldn’t Help But Notice BTS’s RM And Bang Si Hyuk On Their Lunch Date In Seoul

Fans were touched at RM and Bang PD’s little lunch date!

BTS’s RM and Bang Si Hyuk’s little lunch date garnered the attention of fans after a fan posted their encounter of meeting them at the restaurant.

On April 2, an Instagram post about a fan bumping into RM and Bang PD at a restaurant in Seoul was posted. The fan revealed that they had visited the restarant Pildong Myunok over the weekend with her daughter.

This restaurant is famous for its 30+ years’ experience in making Pyeongyang Buckwheat noodle. This restaurant is popular spot for politicians and celebrities and has been mentioned many times in the news.

While having lunch, her daughter wanted to ask for RM’s autograph but didn’t have any paper with her. She rummaged through her bag and found a folded piece of paper that was from her planner and gave it to her daughter.

RM kindly signed the paper for her daughter and didn’t think anything of the crumpled up piece of paper he was signing on.

Fans who saw the post were touched at RM’s thoughtful and kind personality. It could be seen as a bit uncomfortable to always be noticed while eating out in public, but RM is known to always reach out and take notice of fans even in his daily life.