BTS’s RM Explains The Reasoning For Combining ‘Shadow’ And ‘Ego’ In One Album

RM explains why.

On February 24 at 2 PM KST, BTS held an online global press conference through their official YouTube channel to answer questions regarding their new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. They started off the conference with each of the members choosing keywords from the screen and answering questions regarding the word.

Jin, who chose the keyword ‘7’, was asked the question of “If you had to define ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’ with a word or short sentence, what would that be? And what makes it different from your previous albums?”

Jin replied by saying that it represents the seven members as one team. They are showing a more personal side to themselves through this album. RM added to the answer by explaining why this album included both ‘shadow’ and ‘ego.

Some are curious as to why we included both ‘shadow’ and ‘ego’ in one album. Last year, we had a long vacation which delayed our comeback. After much discussion with the members and the company, they asked what we thought about combining both ‘shadow’ and ‘ego’ together. We also felt that ‘7’ was the appropriate title to use for this album.

This new album expresses the group’s internal struggles and feelings and reveals a more raw and personal side to them. The consistent message of the self and the shadow is something that everyone can relate to, making their music more understood by this generation.

The title track “ON” features the line “Can’t hold me down because you know I’m a fighter.” This line is a declaration that shows that they will not give up on what they love despite the hate and the negativity they face. They will continue to fight each day with their ARMY by their side.

Take a look at the new song below: