BTS’s RM Gets Emotional As He Expresses His Reason For Doing Music

We love you, Namjoon!

BTS’s RM held a live stream to talk about the MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 album in more detail, providing his opinions and stories about the whole process. He introduced each song and gave some background on how it was made and stories or events that happened for each song. After his album review, he showed a more raw and emotional side of himself, expressing how he truly felt about the situation they were in and how frustrated they were about this album’s promotions.

He expressed that he had no energy during promotions because he wasn’t able to physically communicate and connect with fans in person. He revealed that he had a hard time because they had prepared for a long time for this comeback.

He even talked about how much anger and frustration he would have after he came home from music shows knowing that they would not be able to show their performances to ARMYs.

My frustration and anger comes up to my neck suddenly like some crazy person. I get choked up and scream by myself because of how angry and unfair everything is. That’s how it is. I’m upset. There’s nothing we can do even though we’re upset. But. But. We have to make sure this album remains. All the hard work, time, efforts, and performances that we did for this album need to remain and stay here. This is so that all our efforts won’t be for nothing. It’s also so that all your support and love will have meaning as well. When I think of all these things all this anger builds up in me. For me, this is what I think. At least we get to do music show broadcasts. We can use the help of media to share our stories since we can’t meet offline right now. Things like that. But still we have to keep going. What can we do. We have to keep going and for our Korean fans; if you wait a bit I think good news will come your way.

He even spent 10 days debating whether or not he would do this live stream. He ended up deciding to do it because the current situation didn’t allow them to meet their fans in person.

He reveals that the reason he continues to do music is because it is able to help someone’s life. He will continue to do music because people will listen to it. “The saddest thing is a book that is unread.”

We love you Namjoon with all that we know of the word ‘love’.

Watch the full live stream below: