BTS’s RM Has A Habit That Makes Him The Perfect Rapper

He chose the rapper life, and it chose him.

BTS have always been known for the skill of their rappers J-Hope, Suga, and RM. And, RM has a particular skill that makes him all the more suited for his position.

After all, he’s the main rapper for a reason.

And, he used this special skill in a clip where he talked to Jin. He spoke so fast that it took many by surprise, thinking that he was rapping rather than simply talking. This wasn’t the first time either.

During a live broadcast, RM noticed he was talking fast and apologized to those watching. He then gave the reason why, explaining that it was because he’s a rapper.

Speaking fast may be one of the skills of a rapper but being able to speak clearly (so that others can understand) while doing it is another skill by itself. And, it’s why he’s so skilled at what he does.