BTS’s RM And Jin Felt Intimidated To Stand Next To TXT’s Tallest Members

They all look great regardless!

Big Hit Entertainment’s artists BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun, gathered together for a group photo shoot. After the group shots, they took turns taking unit shots with each other as well. For ‘Team Tall’, they grouped BTS’s RM and Jin with TXT’s Soobin and Huening Kai to take photos together.

BTS’s RM and Jin however, felt intimidated to stand next to their tall juniors. Although RM may be the tallest in BTS, the TXT members were way taller in overall height.

As they gathered together to take photos, RM and Jin were seen backing away as soon as they got close to the TXT members.

They felt that it wasn’t fair that they were wearing sneakers while Soobin and Huening Kai wore boots.

After asking how tall Soobin was, both RM and Jin quickly came to the decision to switch their shoes to Chelsea boots right away.

They couldn’t bare to be in their sneakers anymore after hearing that Soobin was 185 cm tall.

Regardless of height, the photos still turned out great!

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Take a look at the full video below: