BTS’s RM Knows Which Member Would Die First In A Zombie Attack

His choice might surprise you.

If anybody knows all the facts about BTS‘s members, it’s their leader, RM.

From quirks and habits to likes and dislikes, RM is a walking BTS encyclopedia. He can even predict what will become of his members in a hypothetical situation…like a zombie attack.

In an episode of Run BTS!, fans found out who is a fearless, zombie hunting warrior…

…and who is definitely not. Since JinJ-Hope, and Suga were all scaredy-cats, you’d think they would be at the top of the “most likely to become zombie chow” list. RM says otherwise.

At a fan sign, years before the episode aired, RM was asked to choose the member most likely to die first in a zombie attack. He chose…V!

For RM, this choice was a no brainer (pun intended!), but since he gave no explanation for it, here are some options…

Why is V the most likely to die first? A: His fearlessness got the best of him.

B: He sacrificed himself to save another member.

C: He tried to make friends with the undead. They must be lonely, right?

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