BTS RM’s Letter To His Pilates Teacher Is The Most Wholesome Thing We’ve Seen

RM is the sweetest boy.

On the March 28 episode of MBC’s Point Of Omniscient Interfere, comedian Hong Hyun Hee and her manager visit a Pilates studio to give it a try.

On their visit, viewers couldn’t help but notice the bulletin board with a message written on it. Eagle-eyed ARMYs figured out that the message was actually written by BTS’s RM and posted the news online.

The message on the board read,

Body** is the best pilates place. After spending a lot of time trying to find her place she has finally found it in her hometown! Congratulations on opening the studio teacher. Please stay healthy and live a long life. Always be happy!


Upon closer look, fans also found that there were bits and pieces of BTS merchandise around the studio as well!

Fans who saw this message thought it was so sweet of him to support his teacher.

They also saw another message that was written by Cosmic GirlsMeiqi as well!

To Jimin Teacher~~ I will always support your pilates studio! Congratulations! I love you teacher!

RM is such a sweet and thoughtful guy who is always ready to support those that have helped him!

Source: newsen