BTS’s RM Reveals Why Their Music Has Such A Worldwide Influence During Global Press Conference

BTS delves deep into the meaning behind their new album.

During BTS’s Global Press Conference for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, they received the question of:

Recently, director Bong Joon-ho has won several prestigious international awards, surpassing the barriers of non-English culture. If there is a Bong Joon-ho in the movie industry, wouldn’t there be BTS in the music industry? What do you think is the reason why BTS’ music, or Korean culture in general has garnered such influence globally?

-Tenasia/ Kim Hajin

Leader RM took the mic to answer this question. He starts of by stating that this is a frequently asked question in many of their interviews that they hold. He believes that this global conference is the perfect chance to elaborate on this question.

So we are always honored whenever we receive that question. Actually when we went New York, during our press interviews, they always asked us why our songs are loved so much or what is it that attracts so many diverse people. We received this question a lot and sometimes we joke and just say that our music is really charming, but I think that this is a chance to be serious about the answer.

He believes that his answer that he gave back in 2017 sums it up well.

To be honest, I think there are many complex factors at work here. When we went to the BBMA’s in 2017, I remember saying that it is a complex and integrated culture. There are music videos and dance and communication. I remember mentioning that it’s like a gift box and I think it’s sort of the same question. I think what is at the core is what makes it very powerful. And I think it’s the same with music and art.

It is a powerful thing to have their personal stories resonate with not only just them but to others all around the world.

Our albums and our songs are all individual stories and very personal but I think we live in an age where this story can resonate with people around the world. So these are not just the concerns or the feelings that we have ourselves and just in Korea, but I think this is something that our generation and everyone around the world can really relate to and resonate with them. We try express this with our music and through our dance. I think this is what people find to be refreshing and charming.

In regards to the question about Korean culture, he truly thanks fans for their appreciation and efforts to understand their culture.

And the question also included a little bit about Korean culture. We know that ARMYs around the world are studying about Korea, studying the language and culture because of us and I think that it’s an honor and we’re very thankful that this is happening around the world.


BTS continues to strive to tell their story and their message through their music in hopes to help heal people all over the world.