BTS’s RM Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Gained Weight Despite Working Out Daily

Perfect just the way you are.

Although weight and height are not what defines a person, it can be stressful if your career depends on your outward appearance. BTS’s RM came on Weverse and let out some stress regarding some of the weight he had gained recently.

According to ARMY, BTS’s RM is the tallest of the group and around 181cm (5’11”) and weighs around 67 kg (148 lbs), making him one of the heaviest in the band.

On April 21, he posted a black and white photo along with the caption, “I’m 74 kg…” showing his stress regarding the weight gain.

Fans left comments of support letting him know that he was fine just the way he was.

He left another post saying, “I’m not going to eat after 6 PM.”

Fans were worried that he would gain more stress from this and wished him to be happy above anything else.

He left one last post before taking off. “I don’t get it! I work out 5 days a week! I’m going to eat Pyeong Yang buckwheat noodle first and then think about it again.”

Fans made sure to let him know that he was perfect just the way he was and they only hoped for him to be happy.

RM, you look amazing honey so keep doing you!