BTS’s RM Still Keeps Up His ‘God Of Destruction’ Title During Jimin’s Live Stream

RM gives a quick visit.

BTS’s Jimin held a live stream on March 26 KST to chat with fans and update them on what’s been going on with him these days.

As he was chatting away with fans, leader RM made a surprise visit to Jimin’s live stream and shocked fans who were watching. RM walked in wearing no shoes and Jimin asked why he came in barefoot. RM’s response was, “Because it’s someone else’s room.”

RM gave a quick update on what he was doing and revealed that he just did an intensive workout at the gym. While RM was busy trying to fix his hair, Jimin didn’t miss his chance to compliment RM on him working out a lot.

RM admits that he was watching Jimin’s live stream earlier which made Jimin nervous, telling him that it was probably shouldn’t have watched it. RM continues to act like Jimin and jokes around with him, making Jimin shy.

They also give a hint that they are preparing something for everyone, making fans excited to see what they have in store.

The two are also seen playing around with their chairs and it comes as no surprise that RM accidentally hits Jimin’s leg. RM states that there is something he always has to do in times like this; to stay calm and apologize.

Watch more of the live stream below!