BTS’ song “Serendipity” was inspired by this Korean poem

BTS likes to use their music to prove how much they are growing artistically and a song on their most recent album may be all the proof you need.

On their latest Album, Love yourself: Her, Jimin welcomes fans with a solo intro track: a soothing song called “Serendipity”.

The lyrics of the song appear to make reference to a famous poem by Kim Chun Soo called “Flower”, which narrates beautiful passages about love.

“When I spoke her name,
she came to me and became a flower.”

— from Kim Chun Soo’s “Flower”

Kim Chun Soo is one of the most highly-regarded poets in South Korea’s modern history, and his poem “Flower expresses a desire for a genuine relationship that could define one’s true identity and purpose in life.

Source: Imgrum

One fan noticed the similarities and made prescient speculations about the hidden relationship between “Flower” and BTS’s “Serendipity”.

“Serendipity” Lyrics: When you called me, it became a flower = imagining Kim Chun Soo’s Flower  = only when you called me, I became something meaningful

All of the members have pictures with flowers = moments of being meaningful

Read the full translation of the poem “Flower” below and decide for yourself if you think BTS was making reference to the poem:


by Kim Chun Soo

Before speaking her name,
she had been nothing but a gesture.
When I spoke her name,
she came to me and became a flower.

Now who will speak my name,
one fitting this color and fragrance of mine,
as I had spoken hers
So that I may go to her and become her flower.

We all yearn to become something.
I yearn to become an unforgettable meaning to you
And you to me

– 김춘수

내가 그의 이름을 불러주기 전에는
그는 다만
하나의 몸짓에 지나지 않았다.

내가 그의 이름을 불러주었을 때,
그는 내게로 와
꽃이 되었다.

내가 그의 이름을 불러준 것처럼
나의 이 빛깔과 향기에 알맞는
누가 나의 이름을 불러다오.

그에게로 가서 나도
그의 꽃이 되고 싶다.

우리들은 모두
무엇이 되고 싶다.

나는 너에게 너는 나에게
잊혀지지 않는
하나의 눈짓이 되고 싶다.

Watch the full clip of “Serendipity” used in their album trailer below:

Source: Chosun