BTS’s Suga Couldn’t Believe What J-Hope Said About Him When He Was Asked About Their Friendship

Suga couldn’t really hide his disappointment over J-Hope’s answer.

During an interview for a magazine, BTS members were asked about their relationships with each other.

When asked to describe their relationship with Suga, Jimin says that Suga is his “grandmother” – perhaps that’s why he loves showing affection to his hyung?

According to RM, Suga is “a rebel at heart” which makes sense, since Suga frequently loves to stand up for what he thinks is right.

Jungkook, their maknae, believes that Suga is the group’s “discipline teacher #2” because for him, RM is the “discipline teacher #1”.

Jin said that Suga is his roommate for life, because they’ve been sharing a room for several years before.

And left a short and sweet comment by simply saying that Suga is sweet.

How about J-Hope? Well, for him, he wrote “Business” and emphasized that he added three exclamation marks to this comment.

When Suga saw J-Hope’s comment, he was shocked. He even questioned if J-Hope really wrote it, because he couldn’t believe it.

The reason for Suga’s shock is because when he was asked about his relationship with J-Hope, he actually wrote “eternal brothers” or “brothers for life” because of his close friendship with him.

Suga was dumbfounded that J-Hope wrote “business” — look at him playfully sulking.

Since Suga is usually outspoken, he expressed his disappointment and told J-Hope that it should be “eternal brothers”, too.

Suga even asked J-Hope directly if their relationship is just based on business, but J-Hope simply laughed in response.

Considering that J-Hope said that V, Jungkook and Jimin are his “toy #1”, “toy #2” and “toy #3” respectively, perhaps Suga shouldn’t really put a lot of weight on J-Hope’s comment since there’s a huge possibility that he was simply joking.

After all, the two of them have been close friends even before BTS debuted — find out the full details in the next article below.

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