BTS’s Suga Doesn’t Want His Music To Be Influenced By Success Or Popularity

A true artist.

In a previous interview, BTS’s Suga was asked if any of his song-writing has evolved after their success internationally. He stated that it did not change his style of music because he tries not to be influenced by success or trends.

Suga has been into music since he was young, even having a habit of writing down words and lyrics whenever he had a thought go through his mind. These are later sometimes used in his music as well.

He hopes that their music will have a positive influence on people.

Life is tough, and things don’t always work out well, but we should be brave and go on with our lives.

-Suga from Interview

His own music has helped him grow and become a better person due to his personal stories and messages that he conveys in them.

He also goes by the stage name AGUST D for his solo music. The name, read backwards, reads DT for Daegu Town (his hometown) and SUGA spelled backwards.

The style of his music is always very raw and fierce as he spits bars about his struggles and hardships in life. Take a look at some of his solo works below:


Give It To Me

The Last


What do you think? Savage right? Although the visuals and the sounds may come off as harsh, the lyrics really dig deep into important societal issues that listeners can relate to.

Fans are still anxiously waiting for another mixtape release from Suga because we all know just how dope it’s going to be.