BTS’s Suga Gives Full Details On How “Burn It” Came About And Working With MAX

An amazing collab by two talented artists.

On May 28, BTS’s Suga came on a live stream and spent two hours chatting with fans about his second mix tape D-2. He talked about the process for each of the ten tracks and also revealed fun stories and facts about the whole journey for his second release. For the song “Burn It” featuring singer MAX, he revealed how happy he was with the final product.

“Burn It” was actually written in early 2018, around the same time he wrote the song “Seesaw.” The verse and melody for “Burn It” was finished from the beginning and was just waiting for the right time to release it. He stated that he specifically wanted an American singer to be featured in the song so that melody line would sound better. He felt that his good friend MAX’s vocals were the perfect fit and thus, the collab between these two was made.

The original version of the song was a low octave but they later changed it to three octaves higher than the original. The track went through a total of five mixing edits before it was complete.

Suga gave a huge thank you to MAX for putting in his best efforts for the song and complimented MAX on his amazing vocals. Suga also revealed that he watched MAX’s acoustic version of his song and was surprised at how well he pronounced the Korean words in the chorus.

Suga’s favorite line in this song was:

열정을 강요받는 것은 아닌지 (Am I being pressured to passion)

초심이란 단어를 조심하길 바래 (Be cautious of the word ‘original intention’) Don’t be afraid


This line feels like it is expressing how Suga feels about his career in the music industry and how he tries to remember where he came from.