BTS’s Suga Lost His Ring in Berlin After A Concert, And It Ended Up In The Most Unusual Place

It has a new owner now.

During BTS‘s concert in Berlin, Suga lost a ring in the crowd, and this is where it ended up.


It all happened on October 16, Day 1 of BTS’s 2-day stop in Germany for their Love Yourself world tour. During the show, Suga wore four rings on his right hand that spelled out his stage name.


At one point during the performance, Suga’s “A” ring flew off his hand and into the audience. He told fans that he had lost his ring…


…and congratulated its finder as its new owner.


The maker of the ring, Ken Hyunwoo Lee of fricajewelry, happened to be in Berlin for the concert. He too congratulated the ring’s new owner, whoever it might be, since Suga would soon have a replacement for it.

SUG AND HUG No worry! That’s why I’m in Berlin brother!
Whoever found the ring, lucky one!! He’s ordered already another new pairs for tmrw when We made these rings at first.

— Ken Hyunwoo Lee


Naturally, ARMYs searched the venue from top to bottom for the precious item, but it seemed to have mysteriously vanished…until now!


On October 17, 2018, Twitter user Jimin_Fairy1412 revealed that she had found the lost ring, but didn’t realize she had it until after the concert ended.


It all started when Suga threw his water bottle into the audience.

I stand in the VIP Zone with my best friend. At the middle of the concert suga threw his water bottle at my direction. It lands behind me. But I thought that the bottle would be far away from me so I didn’t look behind. I just focused on suga, who stands in front of me.

— Jimin_Fairy1412


The fan was disappointed that another fan got to the water bottle before she did, not knowing she would soon stumble upon a very special gift.

After some seconds I look behind me and see the bottle but another army takes it first. I was a lil bit upset but I was happy for her. I thought “Maybe he threw the water bottle cap too?” And I look for it. But then I thought “Nevermind. Focus on BTS and have fun

— Jimin_Fairy1412


Soon after, this ARMY stepped on something she thought was a water bottle cap. She slipped it into her pocket without thinking much of it.

After a while JK stands in front of me and I jump so much. Because I’m small. I couldn’t see him probably. I jumped on something hard and thought :”Omg it’s the water bottle cap”. I just put it in my pocket and didn’t look at it at all”

— Jimin_Fairy1412


It wasn’t until after the concert that she realized the cap was actually Suga’s lost ring.

In the hotel I finally realize everything and I scream and was soooooo happy. But I really want to give it him back, when he wants it back. I hope I can see them again. I had the best day in my life because of BTS.Thank you for this wonderful concert. Thank you for your hard work.

— Jimin_Fairy1412


ARMYs have fallen in love with the lucky fan’s story and have congratulated her on her accidental “engagement” to Suga.


Since Suga does not need the ring returned to him, some fans have suggested that she sell the ring…


…but others say the ring is a priceless gift worth keeping.


No matter what the fan decides, one thing is certain; this is a memory she will never forget!