BTS’s Suga Had People Searching For Him After Playing The Role Of ‘Min Yoonji’

He looks stunning regardless!

BTS’s Suga once dressed up as a high school girl for their Naver online broadcast as part of a skit. Suga played the role of a female student named Min Yoonji while the other members played different male characters trying to win Suga’s heart.

Suga flawlessly acted the role of Min Yoonji as he looked just as stunning dressed up as girl. He was able to flaunt his short hair effortlessly, shocking fans with his amazing visuals.

Min Yoonji later became the center of attention after the show aired with many people asking who this ‘Min Yoonji’ was through online community boards.

“Would anyone happen to know who Min Yoonji is? If you do please let me know what girl group she is in. I saw her picture through my friend’s profile picture and I thought she was so pretty and so my style. I asked my friend who she was but she only sent me the picture and laughed. Please let me know!”

“Nuna’s are saying she is pretty and using her as their profile photos. She is really close to my ideal type. Does anyone know who she is? She has such pale skin and is really pretty.”

“I usually don’t have much interest in girls but my heart was beating like crazy after I saw this person’s picture. A lot of girls were posting this photo in group chats saying that ‘Min Yoonji is cute’. I tried searching for this person but nothing comes up. Her uniform says ‘BTS’ on it so I guess she is a fan of BTS? Does anyone know who she is?”

“Who is this nuna? I know she is a celebrity and I think I might fall for her…please give me more pics..and please let me know who she is….”

“Who is this nuna? I saw on Facebook that she is called Min Yoonji? I think she is a celebrity but can someone tell me which girl group she is from?”

“This person is so pretty and chic and so my style. Is she a model? Or an actress? They say she is Min Yoonji and my sister was saying she would totally be my style…Who is she?”

“My younger sibling told me that this is Min Yoonji? I tried searching for her but no profile comes up. Who is she? Is she a celebrity or a child actress? I am really curious.”

“I was watching TV and came across Min Yoonji? She looks really chic and has such nice skin. Is she an idol or an actress? I feel like I am going to be her fan…can someone let me know what group she is a part of her and her age?”

“My younger sister was looking at these photos saying how pretty she is and so I took a look too and she really is pretty. Does anyone know who she is and what group she is a part of?”

“I saw this photo on Twitter and thought she was so pretty. Does anyone know who this nuna is? Is she a part of a new girl group?”

Although some of these were jokes from fans, there were also many people who honestly wanted to know who this ‘Min Yoonji’ was.

Take a look at the episode below to see just how pretty Min Yoonji is!