BTS’s Suga Is Poppin’ On Twitter And Fans Are Loving It

Who’s ready for some collabs!

BTS’s Suga has been all over Twitter recently and fans are excited to hear some good news from him soon!

On January 31, Suga posted on BTS’s official Twitter account with a photo with Logic, giving fans hope that there could be a collaboration sometime soon. Logic (Sir Robert Bryson Hall II) is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer who entered the music scene in 2009.


More photos appeared on Justin Fleischer‘s Instagram of Suga in the studio. Justin Fleischer is the documentarian for Logic and the creative director of the label Elysium.



On February 2, singer Max posted a photo with Suga at a Laker’s game, revealing their genuine friendship. MAX (Maxwell George Schneider) is an American singer-songwriter and has been mentioned by BTS’s Jungkook before through a live stream.


Fans are ecstatic over these posts and can’t wait to see what’s in store from Suga with these other artists.




Who’s ready for a possible collab between these two?