BTS’s Suga Says He Puts Traps In His Music And Haters Always Seem To Get Caught In Them

If you feel attacked, then it’s your problem!

On May 28, BTS’s Suga, also known as Agust D, came on a live stream to chat with fans about the process of making his second mix tape D-2. He gave behind stories about each of the ten tracks and shared his thoughts on them as well.

He starts his live stream with a small drink of whiskey saying that it is a time to celebrate. This could mean that he is celebrating his new album as well as celebrating his victory to those that have fallen into his trap once again.

The whiskey Suga is drinking is called Corryvreckan and has an alcohol percentage of 57.1% which is pretty high to be drinking during a live stream. But Suga drinks it straight and is seen completely normal throughout the live show.

He also directly addressed the haters as he talked about “What Do You Think?” and “Daechwita” by comparing them to cockroaches.

“Do those people ever learn…I even told them this music is shit during “Ddaeng” but I guess they just never learn.”

I always set traps in my music. You know how you set traps to catch cockroaches? They always come and die in the trap. The songs “Daechwita” and “What Do You Think?” are my traps. I guess those people just never learn. They always come and step on my traps. They should have learned something by now but they always seem to step in the traps still. I just laugh when I see that.

Suga previously revealed that he never disses directly at a specific target and rather just spills out his emotions through his music. He feels that if someone feels attacked by his words than it’s their problem and not his.

Agust D is seen as an alter ego that allows Suga to go more in-depth with his thoughts and truly express what he is going through in his life.