BTS’s Suga Shares How They Have Changed Since Accepting Their Shadows

Your shadow will always be attached to you.

BTS held their online global press conference to discuss and and answer questions regarding their new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. During the conference, they were asked a series of questions sent in from foreign media all over the world. Many dove deep into the meaning and process of how the album was made. An ongoing message with this album series was the concept of ‘shadow’ and accepting it to be a part of oneself.

One reporter sent in the question of what has changed for the group since accepting their shadows.

Through this new album, you admitted that your shadows are a part of your true selves. As BTS, has anything changed in your life since admitting this?

-Ryu Ji Yoon Reporter

Suga took the mic to answer this question as he wrote and sang “Interlude: Shadow” for this album.

He begins by stating the fact that the shadow has always been there from the beginning.

I have to face my shadows because it’s always beneath my feet. It has always been their since the beginning. The difference is whether or not you choose to accept it or not. Depending on this choice, it can change whether you will live with a peaceful heart or not.

He believes that it is important to accept and embrace your shadows rather than try to win or overcome it.

It’s not the matter of facing your shadows and trying to fight it and win, but rather just acknowledging that it exists and accepting that it is a part of me. You can become more comfortable just by accepting this.

Ultimately, the shadow can never be detached and will be with you forever.

The shadow may grow bigger and smaller at times, but ultimately it is something that will always be attached to you. You will be able to live comfortably just by acknowledging its presence. So it takes great courage to accept and understand that it will always be there. It is through this process that we are able to grow as humans.

He ended by saying that this was the mindset he had while writing this particular song.

All seven of the members have had their moments of facing and accepting their shadows and their previous albums show a story of how they continued to grow as artists.

Take a look at the “Interlude: Shadow” again to understand Suga’s thoughts about accepting your shadow.

Don’t forget to check out their newest track, “ON” to see how they’ve accepted their shadow as they continue their journey.