BTS’s Suga Shines In This “Anpanman” Performance, And No One Can Get Over It

This is a side of him ARMYs love to see.

BTS have performed “Anpanman” more times than they can probably count, but there’s one performance that fans can’t seem to forget about because of Suga.

On the first day of concerts for Wembley Stadium in London, Suga’s energy was just too much to handle toward the end of “Anpanman”. He ran beside J-Hope only to stop halfway.

That’s when he let out a dance move that fans can’t forget. He turned around and bounced his butt without a care in the world.

When J-Hope stopped to do the same, Suga ran forward once more. Then, he stopped to repeat the move more excitedly than before.

Seeing Suga so energetic and having fun while doing it is a rare moment that fans can appreciate. One even deemed it an unforgettable memory, and it certainly seems to be.