BTS’s Suga’s Childhood Message Proves He Had Swag Ever Since He Was A Little Boy

Suga’s message when he was just a little kid makes you realize that he was born with the swag from the start.

When you look up the word “swag” in the dictionary, chances are BTS‘s Suga‘s picture will be right next to it.

After all, who else can use this as a friendly threat?

Or do you know any other idol who had enough guts to call out their superior like this?

How about a K-Pop star who literally drops the mic?

Or someone who can wear this seriously cute outfit and still look effortlessly dope?

Swag is one of the most appropriate words to describe Suga — he literally has a t-shirt that says “Suga” on the front and “swag” on the back side.

He has so much swag that he loves incorporating “peace” to his messages for the ARMYs all over the world.

Swag is swirling through Yoongi’s body and no one can stop him, not even Jin who swears he can rap like Jay-Z. 

Did you know that Suga was already carrying this swag DNA — even when he was a kid?

No, when he was a little bit younger than that.

We meant a little bit older?

This looks about right.

As a kid, Suga may not seem like he’s got swag, since he didn’t have the right outfit for it yet.

But he already got the whole swag attitude in place. Just check out his message to his classmates during their graduation from elementary:

It makes sense that Yoongi’s journey to the swag life started when he was in 6th grade. After all, this was when he first started writing song lyrics, too.

Busting out raps since the tender age of 13 — how’s that for swag?

Even Jungkook couldn’t believe it.

Continue living the swag life, Suga!