BTS’s V Has The #1 Largest Solo Fanclub In Russia And Is Featured in New Russian Song

All hail king V!

Popular Russian group Frendzona member Mayby Baby gave a hint of their new song through TikTok. Frendzona is a duo from Russia that debuted in 2018 and has hit the Russia Celebrity Top 40 chart before.

This up and coming group shared their new track “Crash Test” and gained attention for a certain part of the lyrics that read, “I’m not Zendaya but you ain’t Taehyung!”

This garnered much attention from fans as Zendaya Coleman is an actress that has gained a huge following from younger girls. BTS’s V is also a member of one of the biggest K-Pop groups out right now and is also known to have the biggest Russian solo fan base among all idol members. Mayby Baby used a photo of V in the background of her SexyBack challenge on TikTok as well.


@frendtokА вы послушали уже наш новый альбом? 😻 ##неразлейвода ##мэйбибэйби ##френдзона ##рекомендации♬ Краш-Тест – Френдзона

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism revealed that K-Pop and the Hallyu wave has contributed immensely in creating a positive national image.

V’s power as one of the representatives of K-Pop can be seen in the lyrics as his real Korean name ‘Taehyung’ is used instead of his stage name, V.

Russia’s largest social network site Vkontakte reveals the K-Pop fan club statuses for each month. The fan club with the most fans is BTS with V ranking 4th as an individual artist, beating the overall ranking of both group and individuals.

Many Russian K-Pop fans have visited Korea to see BTS in concert every year. Russian fans are hoping that BTS will come to Russia sometime in the near future.

Source: star news