BTS’s V Asked Jimin To Massage His Butt For Him…And Jimin’s Response Proves How Strong Their Friendship Is

You’d hesitate to do this to your best friend while you’re on camera, but Jimin proved just how strong their friendship is with his response.

The friendship between BTS‘s Jimin and has stood the test of time — yes, even when V taught one of the women in American Hustle to call Jimin in a…different way than he was used to.

Their friendship is still as strong as ever, even though V tricked Jimin and targeted him in several Run, BTS! episodes.

For example, Jimin thought V was an ally, so he put his guard down when he was with him.

Indeed, the bond between the two is inseparable.

But do you think it will still be the same when butt massage is involved?

In one episode of Bon Voyage, the members were busy in making dinner…

…except for V who was lying face-down on the sofa. Jimin went over to check on his close friend and started massaging him.

V’s body was aching all over because he did horseback riding the day before.

After all, he did the horseback riding professionally, so his muscles must have been shocked with the sudden strenuous activity.

Here’s Taehyung looking majestic with his loyal steed.

Jimin, on the other hand, decided to cycle instead.

Of course, this didn’t stop him from treating his bike as his own horse.

The two even did a race together, so both of them must have been extremely tired from this activity.

While Jimin was massaging him, V asked him to do another thing:

And this is how Jimin responded…

…he immediately worked on fulfilling his best friend’s request since he saw how badly Taehyung needed his massage.

That’s a sign of a true friendship: tricking each other playfully, but when one sees his best friend in need of a good massage, he comes through in the end.