BTS’s V Charms ARMYs’ Hearts Once Again With His Sweet Words

Our good boy, V.

On May 6, BTS‘s V got on Weverse after finishing work for the day to interact with ARMYs who were online. Fans were excited to play games and communicate with him as many were waiting for him. V tried to figure out how to create a game where a hundred people could come in play so that he could invite many ARMYs.

One fan let him know how to do it as they patiently waited for his update.

While fans were happy to see him online, they were also worried that he would be tired. V’s response to this fan had fans crying tears of joy as he proved just how important ARMYs were to him.

Many fans were swooning over his sweet words, revealing just how sweet and lovable he was.

V continued to leave responses to fans as he worked on setting up the game.

He let fans know that he had finally made the game room and invited everyone to come play.

He left a post letting fans know that it was okay to participate in the game even if you didn’t know how to play. This touched many fans hearts as there were many fans that didn’t know how to play the game and were sad they couldn’t join the game before.

He even left a photo on Weverse that said “this is fun” showing how much fun he was having playing games with ARMYs.

It is V’s sweet words and adorable actions that make fans fall in love with him even more! Fans know just how much he cares for his fans and they are truly grateful for the relationship they have with him!