BTS’s V Confidently Chooses Himself When Asked Who Dressed The Best

A true king.

BTS’s V is truly a confident king when it comes to his flawless visuals. During the behind the scenes shoot for Big Hit Entertainment’s company photo shoot, BTS and TXT came together to hold short interviews with one another after taking photos.

MC Jungkook asked the question of who looked the best in their outfit today. Here are there answers:

RM: Soobin looked like a little duckling with his outfit today. It’s a look that I can’t pull off anymore, sadly.”

Yeonjun: “I choose Lee Hyun!” RM: “Yes he really did look great today.”

Taehyun: “I would choose my friend Huening Kai.”

V: “I would like to choose myself. I think I have a nice glow today with this outfit.” RM: “He really does look great with that beret.”

Don’t we all just love V’s confidence as he chooses himself as best dressed for the shoot? We all know it’s true too!

Watch just how confident V is during the photo shoot below.