BTS’s V Once Cried In Front Of His Members, And They Froze In Place

Their reactions show just how close they are!

From November 12, 2016 to November 13, 2016, BTS held their 3rd Muster, which is a special fan meeting where the boys perform for ARMYs.

Towards the end of the fan meeting, V tearfully addressed the audience and informed them that his grandmother had passed away.

He had previously chosen to keep it a secret because of his Hwarang drama shooting, the BTS concert tour, Wings album preparation and “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” comeback.

A few years later, the boys watched as V went down from stage and cried, reminiscing over his late grandmother.

The moment V started crying, the members froze in place.

Their mouths dropped open…

…and worry filled their faces.

They were clearly concerned for him.

It showed in the way they were all speechless.

And in how their eyes widened in shock.

They immediately started comforting V when he entered the room crying, giving him a huge embrace.

That’s a real family right there!

Source: Nate