BTS’s V Explains Face And Neck Tattoos For “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film

His tattoos gained much attention.

On February 25 around 9 AM KST, BTS‘s V took to Weverse and posted two photos from the music video shoot for their “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima. Both photos showcase his unique tattoos that were seen in the video as well.

The first photo shows both his face and neck tattoos while he poses with a playful look on his face. The caption reads, “It’s raining.”

The second photo gives a closer look at the neck tattoo that many fans were curious about from the video. The video only showed glimpses of the tattoo so many were not sure what it was exactly.

A fan asked what kind of concept or meaning the tattoos held for this video.

V replied, “I personally just wanted to this for this concept so I contacted the producer and received confirmation to do it.”

He added, “Also, our visual director hyung did an awesome job on it too hahha.”

What do you think of the tattoo concept on V? Let us know!

Take a look at the film to check out the tattoos in action!


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