BTS’s V Helps Choose A Clever Name For Fan’s New Puppy And It’s Too Cute


On April 6, BTS‘s V visited Weverse and commented on several fans’ posts. One fan in particular left a comment with a photo of her new puppy and asked for some help in choosing a name.

“Could I receive some name recommendations for my new adopted puppy?”

V, who saw the post, left a comment with his suggestion.

“Since it’s black around his mouth, how about ggoma (꼬마): ggomeun mouth. (꼬믄 is a cute variation of the word ‘black'”)

After seeing V’s response to her post, she updated with a reply.

“OMG our baby will be named Ggoma starting today. Thank you Taehyung! I’ll post pictures of Ggoma often!”

Fans who saw the post loved V’s name recommendation and congratulated the puppy on his/her new name!

V is also known to be Yeontan‘s papa and a lover of pets! The fans’ new puppy seemed to be of the same breed of V’s Pomeranian as well!


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