BTS’s V Hopes That Fans Will Love All Seven Members Regardless Of Who’s Active On Weverse

BTS is a family of seven that all deserve to be loved.

BTS‘s V has been quite active on Weverse lately, communicating with fans and playing games with them. Fans are so happy to be able to interact with him online through messages and photos. Although all members are active on the app, V has been the most active as of late. Here are some of his most recent posts!

“Who isn’t sleeping~~?”


“I’m not.”

“Oppa have you prepared a lot for the comeback?”

“You will know when you see it.”

“Taehyung oppa you’ve had a lot of typos in your recent comments!! I think you’ve had maybe a drink or two~”

“Nope not me.”

He even made a post to play another fun game with fans. This time it was a game called Omok. “Woah..I never really lose if it’s Omok.”

Fans were ecstatic to see him conversing with fans online.

“I am so so so so so so thankful that you come on Weverse often to hang out with us. ARMYs please love Taehyung much much much more!”

To this message, V replied, “Please love all seven us.”

Although some members may be a bit more active on Weverse, it does not define the amount of love and gratitude the other members have for their fans. BTS will always be seven members who are loved by all ARMYs!