BTS’s V and J-Hope Once Had The Best Reactions To TXT’s Performance

BTS being supportive seniors.

BTS and TXT have a special relationship, where it truly looks like a big brother and little brother relationship.

V when TXT won an award

J-Hope and V once had the most heartwarming reaction when watching TXT’s performance. It initially begins with J-Hope watching very seriously, where he’s monitoring TXT.

J-Hope soon starts grooving to the music and is just having a good time.

J-Hope even gets up to groove to the music, and V joins him as well.

V and J-Hope are in awe and just shower TXT with praise. V also gets excited and dances enjoyably to TXT’s performance.

J-Hope also fanboys a bit, where he shows some love to Huening Kai.

Once TXT’s performance ends, V and J-Hope just shower them with praise.

Here is the full video below!