BTS’s V And Jin Once Fought Over Choreography Before Performing On Stage

They are human too.

Although we know that BTS is a close-knit group of guys that always have each other’s backs, we also have to understand that they may sometimes have arguments and learn and grow from them.

A past episode from Burn the Stage revealed a small argument between BTS’s V and Jin when they realized that the gap was too large between RM and Jungkook. Finding out that he would have to move his position to fill the gap, he told Jin that he would have to move faster to get to his position.


Jin, however, told V that he had trouble with the distances and he was already moving as fast as he could.


V continued to talk about the choreography, making Jin a bit frustrated. The members intervened while leader RM told them to get it together because they had a show to perform.


RM took his role as the leader and reminded both of them that they needed to put their best efforts for the show, not for themselves, but for their fans.

After the concert, they gathered in the hotel room to discuss the argument that happened before the show. V apologized to Jin for acting selfish and talking to him in a disrespectful manner.


Jin also apologized for not listening to V’s advice. Other members of the group left the room so the two could finish the discussion together. During this time, Jin reveals that he gets depressed and down too but tries his best to be positive and funny for the sake of the members.


During the individual interviews, the members state that one of BTS’s biggest strengths is their ability to talk about their problems together and get through it.


They know that their friendship and their passion is not something that can be broken down by a small fight.


It’s important to remember that although BTS always strives to show the best and positive side of their lives, that they are human and they may fight and have their down times too. These arguments and obstacles are what ultimately brings them together, creating an unbreakable bond.