BTS’s V, Jin, And Suga Frequent Weverse Letting Fans Know They Miss Them Too

Both fans and artists are cheering each other on.

In light of recent events in the world, opportunities for BTS and fans to meet face-to-face has become much more difficult. Live events and concert cancellations, although very sad, needed to be done for the health and safety of both the artists and fans. Living in a digital age, BTS frequented social media such as Weverse and Twitter as this was the only way they could interact with fans for now. Members Jin, V, and Suga were recently seen on Weverse, replying to posts about fans missing the group.

One fan commented, “I want to go to a concert again.”

To this, both Jin and Suga replied, “Me too…” showing how much they missed their fans.

Another fan commented, “Taehyung oppa I miss you.”

Tae replied with, “Me too me too.”


Another fan left a message that read, “Just being able to be an ARMY and a fan of BTS is so lucky.”

To this, V replied, “Me too. I’m sure many ARMYs are having a hard time because of the Coronavirus. Since our music program promotions are over I tried to think of different ways to help ARMY but this is what I could come up with. Coming on here and talking with everyone, in hopes to heal them a bit.”

“I can’t sleep and I miss Taehyung…miss you Taehyung-ssi!”

V: “I miss everyone too. I listen to my grandfather’s old watch every night. Late night emotions I guess.”

RM, Jungkook, and J-Hope also posted messages on Weverse and Jimin also on their official Twitter page.

Both fans and artists can only hope for the best and wait patiently until the day they can meet in-person again!