BTS’s V Is The Muse Of Famous Photographers Around The World

“If it’s art, BTS’s V is the subject everyone craves.”

BTS‘s V is attracting the eyes and minds of photographers, with many saying that his photos have inspired them.

If it’s art, BTS’s V is the subject that everyone craves.

– Korean Netizen

In 2018’s I-Magazine Fashion FACE AWARD, he was chosen for being internationally handsome and has been named as the K-Pop representative for his visuals, as reviewed by 300 experts from around the world.

Photographers are saying its more than just his face, however. V himself has become a muse for photographers based on the poses, facial expressions, and artisttic instuition he shows in his photos. The symmetry in his face is also a stand-out point.

The photographer who worked with BTS for their 2019 Season’s Greetings, Lie, has stated that V is the member who took the least amount of photos. She says that V can take any pictures with any angle and still look good, and that he only needed 15 minutes to get his shot.

Another photographer who worked with BTS, Sam Dameshek, has mentioned that V is model material.

Many have said that V is a master of facial expressions as well as a master of poses – he knows how to work his body in a way that will illicit emotions. Numerous photographers hope to work with V in the future to experience the pleasure of working with someone so great in front of the camera.

Source: Naver