BTS’s V Proves That He’s A Good Role Model By Influencing ARMYs To Do Good Deeds

Like idol, like fan.

BTS‘s V has proven that he is a good influence to people around the world and has influenced fans to do good deeds.

ARMYs know V loves animals, children, and nature and because of this, many fans have donated to numerous organizations on his behalf.

UK fans created a Twitter account called @TaeProjects. There, they made donations to Smile Train, a children’s charity that “supports 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care for children globally“, according to the Smile Train official Twitter. @TaeProjects trended #SmileWithTaehyung on Twitter, leading many to donate and give smiles to children.

US fans even sponsored a tiger from the Pittsburgh Zoo for V’s birthday. Fans posted their donations online. The trend spread to fans worldwide who sponsored more tigers.

In the Pittsburgh Zoo, a tiger is named “Dedicated to Kim Taehyung (V) of BTS”. The fans chose tigers out of all the animals since it is an animal that resembles his appearance. Additionally, fans specifically chose the Amur tiger, which is in the danger of extinction with only 500 remanining.

Vietnamese fans planned to donate to orphans and children to celebrate V’s birthday. They were able to build two schools in poverty-striken areas. The project, called “Let’s Dream With Taehyung”, lasted more than four months and was completed on May 5. Vietnamese children in the mountain areas will benefit from the new schools in the area.

Peruvian fans donated oral hygience products and storybooks to children on behalf of BTS’s V and his birthday.

Filipino fans donated to an animal shelter, providing food for both dogs and cats. PH-ARMYs also accepted volunteers to help the cause.

As a global leader, V as well as the other members of BTS have proven their good influence by leading fans to make postive changes in the world.

Source: Naver