BTS’s V Proves He’s A Top Visual Even In The Most Ordinary Outfit

This is the true test of a visual.

BTS V‘s crazy visuals were once again praised in the fifth episode of the Bring The Soul: Docu-Series. The video revolved around BTS’s Love Yourself tour in Europe after their North American tour.

In the video, it was V’s handsome appearance in spite of his simplicity that caught the attention of fans. He was wearing black pants and an over-sized black shirt.

V sat down in front of the camera and shared with fans what he wanted to do with his music.

Fans compared him to a male hero in disguise, wearing ordinary clothes instead of a costume.

He’s so good looking without even trying ㅜㅜ

– Korean Netizen

Meanwhile, you can watch the six-episode Bring The Soul: Docu-Series through the Weverse app.

Source: Instiz